The most important truth:

To transform you need to hack your own system.

Carrying on as we always have will not help us go further. The truth is that linear change approaches did lead us to the economic miracle 70 years ago. But it’s also true that those who still cling to these structures now are in for a nasty surprise in the digital age.

Change is most effective in an organizational structure that works multidirectionally. Fuel bottom-up movements with top-down power. Challenge and live change. Break patterns. Maintain a strong mindset. Hack your own system. Then you will make transformation unstoppable.

The key to success lies in the collective intelligence of all employees. If you activate this properly, a movement will develop and eventually become self-perpetuating.


We develop holistic, systematic, and systemic transformation designs that revolutionize and radically rethink classic change approaches:
Transformation Design | Transformation Management

We give each transformation a structure that puts people at the center. This is how the future is shaped from within:
Collective Intelligence Design | Viral Change Design | Movement Development

Together, we build the ecosystem for your transformation, find ways through the stakeholder jungle, form and enable your transformation team, and develop agile project structures for maximum speed:
Agile Project Management | Stakeholder Management | Interim Management
Transformation Office - Staffing - Upskilling - Ramp Up + Ramp Down

Facts for your

  • We will precisely define both the status quo and the target state of your transformation, illuminate the path ahead, and define the means to successfully manage the process.
  • We will pin down the immeasurable, and structure your KPI landscape.
  • We will establish lean and meaningful metrics to measure progress, failure, and success.
  • We will create a long-term investment plan for transformation and cultural change, and underline their significance.
  • We will increase employee satisfaction and reduce absenteeism due to illness by introducing strategies based on collective intelligence.

Feelings for your

  • You will be able to create more equality and the chance for all colleagues in your organization to engage on equal terms by designing a participation process across area, leadership, and company silos.
  • Developing attitudes and mindsets based on common sense fosters connection, identification, and mutual appreciation.
  • Constant pattern breaks generate a spirit of optimism and enthusiasm among employees.
  • Your employees break out of area silos with co-creative formats and by forming new networks.
  • An authentic movement emerges that makes change visible throughout the enterprise.