Lets Face It

77% of all change initiatives fail. It doesn’t have to be that way!

We’ve seen how exciting change can be. When organizations promote solidarity, autonomy and give their people the freedom to take ownership of change, the sky is the limit.

At THE BEAUTIFUL UGLY TRUTH, we believe that culture shapes the foundation of value. The courage to look the truth in the face – even when that truth is ugly – is indispensable in navigating change.

As experts for transformation, we specialize in making culture the driver of growth. With our strategies, experiences, and approaches to communication, we help shape your new We.



Weiter wie bisher hilft nicht weiter


Shaping long-term success requires having a long, hard look not only at the future, but also at yourself. The more comprehensive and honest the strategy, the more effective it will be.

We see transformation as a three-phase process:
Discover, Shape, and Grow.

Weiter wie bisher hilft nicht weiter

Our approach is modular and can be customized to meet your needs. It is suitable for start-ups, agencies, mid-sized companies, and major global corporations.

The challenges we tackle depend entirely on where you currently stand. Let’s talk.



We can only pave the road ahead if we understand where we came from and figure out where we want to go. To harness your full potential, you need to know your strengths and be honest about your weaknesses. 

We cooperate with employees and management to determine where your organization currently stands. Together, we identify old cultural patterns and acknowledge what is behind them. Our aim is to rock the boat and inspire you to define a common goal that everyone can identify with.

Once you know where you want to go, we help you get there with customized and innovative approaches that reflect who you are.


CEO Workshops

In cooperation with senior executives, we identify dysfunctional structures and strengthen top management – a central driver of transformation.

Culture, Value & Competence Analyses

Transformation can be measured on the basis of values and skills. We take stock of the current situation and shape the way forward

Purpose Development

A lasting sense of ownership requires a common understanding of your organization’s purpose. We draw on that purpose to help you define the aims of your transformation

Transformation Strategy

We help you develop a vision and mission that propels your current strategy toward the future.

Communication Strategy

We find the right words, attract attention to the process, support you along the way, and involve your employees from the very beginning.

Executive Education & Inspiration

We give your employees the opportunity to think outside the box, inspire them, and spark their enthusiasm for change.


Change starts with you.

While some elements of change can be planned, we have learned from experience to expect the unexpected. For the plannable parts of a transformation, we build a framework that provides orientation to everyone in the organization. This gives your employees the confidence they need to deal with the unexpected, and the space to co-create ideas and shape the future in a collective process.

With a strong identity and effective internal communication, we ensure that each and every employee takes ownership of the transformation. A viral movement then helps create your organization’s new “We.“


Transformation Design

Together, we come up with a customized design for your transformation that makes your target culture tangible immediately.

Transformation Management

Transformation calls for structure and expertise. We support your transformation office in every phase, from build-up to ramp down.

Movement Development

We create a structure that identifies and empowers opinion leaders in your organization.

Identity & Brand Building

With a creative concept and a sound campaign strategy, we build a strong internal brand for your transformation.


You succeed by working with people, not against them.

Transformations succeed when they grow over time, when you build new mindsets, systems, and organizational structures. By turning a common vision into your new culture, you create your new “We”.

We draw on potential and talent within the organization to generate change in the areas that will drive you forward. With the right formats, we create moments with a lasting impact that make culture tangible. In so doing, we bring permanent change to people’s attitudes, and thus to the pulse of the organization.


Stakeholder Management

We analyze your stakeholders and support you in approaching them effectively and individually.

Community Management

We enable a viral movement with the aim of scaling your transformation across the organization and getting opinion leaders on board.

Learning Strategy

We develop customized learning formats, platforms, and tools that change attitudes through experience.

Skills Development

We identify and develop the skills your employees will need in the future.


Are you ready to take the next step with us?

We are a creative and diverse group of experienced international business leaders, industry specialists, scientists, and nerds. We are a boutique consultancy, creative think tank, and start-up all rolled into one.

The idea behind The Beautiful Ugly Truth is simple: we provide the kind of consulting services we wish we had found in our previous lives at major corporations and small to mid-sized companies. We offer courageous, unconventional, and brutally honest advice. Ultimately, we aim to provide services with a tangible impact.

We bring our experience, strategies, and tools to the table. We embody the idea that successful transformation depends on the right balance of mind and heart. And this mindset is reflected in everything we do.

Head Heart
  • Change the way
    you change.

    For a successful transformation, organizations need to see the big picture and create an emotional bond with their employees. In short: they must change the way they change.

  • Embrace the
    beautiful ugly truth.

    Real change means looking the truth in the face. That’s why we tackle the things that will hurt. After all, the biggest opportunities often lie behind inconvenient truths.

  • Give

    A real and credible purpose makes change possible. Transformation processes succeed when a common goal unites everyone in the organization. 

  • Be a
    role model.

    Transformation begins at the organization’s center of power. The most successful change is genuine, credible, and free of relics like ego, micropolitics, and hierarchical power struggles.

  • Trust and
    let go.

    When CEOs and senior executives give up control in favor of trust, create space for the unpredictable, and give their employees freedom to act, transformation becomes unstoppable.

  • Break old

    When systems are in flux, old patterns that no longer serve you are broken, while those that make sense persist. This isn’t something that happens overnight. It requires time, patience, resources, and sound advice.


Our customers have something in common.

All of them have achieved great things and faced both beautiful and ugly truths along the way.

Doing this calls for inspirational people who can motivate the masses and start movements. Misfits who dare to be different without slighting their peers. Fearless rebels and doers who not only seek change, but make it happen.

If you think you are one of these people, we would be pleased to help you master the most complex and beautiful challenges, and thus enable you to secure your organization’s lasting success. 

The brave people we have inspired to shape their transformation and define their future include:  

Airbus | 
Breuninger | 
Covestro | 
Daimler | 
ING Bank | 
ISM Stuttgart | 
Deka Bank | 
Kienbaum | 
Ottobock | 
PEC Consulting | 
Staufen AG | 
TCI Consulting | 
Universität St. Gallen | 
ZF Friedrichshafen

Thank you for believing in us.



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We don’t talk about knowledge. But we know what we’re talking about.

For many years, we have been in the business of transforming organizations in a broad range of industries. We have worked for start-ups, small and medium-sized companies, and global corporations. We have experienced the mistakes you should not make. And we do not come to stay. Our success is measured by the extent to which your team can do our job.

  • Tobias Ködel Portrait

    Tobias Ködel

    Transformation Advisor
    Experience Creator

  • Johanna Bath Portrait

    Johanna Bath

    Scientific Advisor
    Talent Developer
    Blended Learning Master

  • Maks Giordano Portrait

    Maks Giordano

    Innovation Advisor
    Network Architect
    Digital Master

  • Rainer Zech Portrait

    Rainer Zech

    SME Advisor
    Product Management Expert

  • Sam Nakane Portrait

    Sam Nakane

    Trusted Advisor
    Executive Advisor
    Platform Specialist

  • Nadja de Maeseneer Portrait

    Nadja de Maeseneer

    Storytelling Advisor
    Campaign Builder
    Brand Developer

  • Gerit Sophia Wolf Portrait

    Gerit Sophia Wolf

    Transformation Advisor
    Executive Coach
    Future Leadership Expert

  • Joachim Stahl Portrait

    Joachim Stahl

    Learning Advisor
    People Developer
    Movement Booster

  • Julius Reinhardt Portrait

    Julius Reinhardt

    User Experience Advisor
    App Developer
    Service Enthusiast

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We know what we are good at. We will succeed in the future because we also know what others can do better. With our partners, we can offer the right solution for every occasion and every size of organization. Together, we develop organizational structures, HR systems, and HR platforms. We create experience formats for big and small firms, build digital communication platforms, and start communities. nities.

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