Lets Face It

Today marks the slowest pace of change for the rest of our lives.

This affects all facets of our life including our workplace. Those who still want to be in the game tomorrow start writing their story today. Connectedness, trust, and purpose play the main roles in this approach.

We walk alongside companies, institutions, and people when they discover the future. We develop and strengthen strategies for transformation. We revolutionize classic approaches to change. We turn “transformation” from a #buzzword into an experience.

Management Consulting.


Change starts in our head. It becomes successful if it reaches our heart.

The organization’s people become the focus of attention when decision makers understand, that besides KPIs there are more and more non meassurable factors responsible for financial success. That is when shareholder Value becomes authentic stakeholder value.

To make this transition successful, we have to live a new attitude – towards change itself and towards our clients.

Head Heart
  • Changing

    To successfully transform, we must first change the way we change. Organizations need to see the big picture and create an emotional bond with their employees by providing unique experiences.

  • Provide
    a purpose.

    Transformation is successful when there is a mutual goal that drives and unites everyone in an organization. Providing an authentic, definitive purpose is the first step in enabling transformation.

  • Top Down

    Change starts where power is held. The more authentic, credible, and free from ego, power plays, and micropolitics they are, the more successful a transformation will be.

  • Trust
    and let go.

    Change grows in a collective movement. When directors and CEOs replace control with trust, they hack their own system. This makes transformation unstoppable.

  • Breaking

    Old patterns break, useful ones stay, and new ones arise – when systems are put in motion. It will not happen right away – it takes time, patience, and budget.

  • Beautiful,
    ugly, truth.

    Real change means no beating about the bush. That is why we consciously address the parts of change that will hurt, and see opportunities in ugly facts and inconvenient truths.


Change is two-sided.

Cultural change always has two sides – the predictable and the unpredictable. Both are essential for a successful cultural transformation.

The predictable side relies on a basic understanding shared by everyone, and a framework that provides direction to all. The unpredictable side needs to be given space to emerge.

We design this framework with a clear STRATEGY, an open STRUCTURE, and fearless COMMUNICATION. This creates space for self-igniting dynamics, movements, and ideas that exceed expectations.


Our customers have something in common.

Each of them has achieved great things, heard unpalatable truths along the way, and seen the ugly and beautiful.

You need people who inspire masses and start movements. Executives who think differently and question boldly. Employees who step out of line without stepping on others’ toes. Fearless rebels and doers who not only want change but make it happen.

If you’re one of them, we’ll support you in mastering the most complex and most exciting tasks. Together, we will prepare your organization for a successful future.

Courageous people who we have inspired, with whom we have invented the future or shaped transformation, are working at:
Airbus | Breuninger | Covestro | Daimler | ING Bank | ISM Stuttgart | IXDS | Deka Bank | Kienbaum | MTU AG | ORS/ORF | Ottobock | PEC Consulting | Staufen AG | TAAKT AG | TCI Consulting | Universität St. Gallen | ZF Friedrichshafen

Thank you for believing in us.

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We do not talk about knowledge. We know what we talk about.

We transform. And we have been doing it for many years. In many industries. In startups, medium-sized businesses, and large international corporations. We know what we’re doing. And what not to do. And we succeed when your team is empowered to work without us.

  • Tobias Ködel Portrait

    Tobias Ködel

    Transformation Advisor
    Future Thinker
    Experience Creator

  • Nadja de Masseneer Portrait

    Nadja de Masseneer

    Communication Advisor
    Brand Developer

  • Joachim Stahl Portrait

    Joachim Stahl

    Learning Advisor
    People Developer
    Movement Booster

  • Julius Reinhardt Portrait

    Julius Reinhardt

    User Experience Designer
    App Developer
    Service Enthusiast

Our partners

Knowing your weaknesses will be your greatest strength in the future.

We know what we are good at. We will succeed in the future because we also know what others can do better. With our partners, we can offer the right solution for every occasion and every size of organization.

Together, we develop organizational structures, HR systems, and HR platforms. We create experience formats for big and small firms, build digital communication platforms, and start communities.



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