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Management Consulting

We are the beautiful ugly truth.

We develop transformation designs and support you during change processes. As a management consultancy for people, corporates, and organizations.

We are challengers, consultants, designers, encouragers, drivers and energy suppliers. We are exactly there where it is necessary and makes sense for you. On the way to your future.

It's time – for a new era.

A time in which the identity of an organization is the basis for success. In which work becomes not only more productive and efficient, but also more beautiful.

It’s time for leadership and collaboration that puts people at the heart. One, that is authentic and tangible.

A time to work and live in a meaningful way, every day. And to love seeing others being happy and successful.

It’s time for a change which we create together. One that is sustainable and successful.

It’s time for a consulting business that addresses the truth. The beautiful and the ugly one.

Now is the time.

feeling identity

We create space which allows your identity, vision and values to be felt.


shaping culture

We develop sustainable forms of leadership and corporate culture.


unfolding potential

We unleash the full potential for innovation and help brands shine.


growing you

We support corporates, organizations and people to grow beyond themselves.



Where do we meet you?

On a green-field site?

YOU are about to embark on a change process. Because you want to drive digitalization. Or you feel the need to become more innovative and agile. Maybe you want to focus more on your culture and identity. Or need more sustainable concepts and new lines of business.

WE provide strategy, structure and inspiration. Everything that kick-starts your transformation process and helps you progress through it. We start by taking a holistic perspective. Something you might not be able to do on your own, because you are lost in small details.

Being on red alert?

You have an urgent need for action. Because your business is changing rapidly. Or because an ongoing change is not progressing as planned. Maybe it’s the vision that is not clear enough. Or your employees feel they are not integrated enough into the process.

analyze everything openly and without judgement. We look at what happened and why: Where does the organization stand and what are the processes? What can you do to get back on track? Where do you need to invest energy to take uncertainty away and start again?

Lost in a maze?

YOU are going through multiple change initiatives in a wide variety of areas, due to the size and complexity of your organization. What’s missing is a unified approach, a clear strategy, a plan – or even a common vision.

look at the transformation landscape and the individual players. We define the direction and find a common language. We bring together those involved, mediate between them and develop a shared understanding of the big picture.


Our Services.

Analysis & Strategy

We analyze the past and the present in order to develop strategies for the future.

Concept & Implementation

With unconventional concepts for change and transformation, we break with old patterns and bring new ones to life.

Communication & Storytelling

We write stories and create images that start lasting movements.

Teams & Organizations

We make deep connections, discovering commonalities and differences to make organizations relational.

Inspiring Leadership & Collaboration

By connecting the head and the heart, we help people develop inspiring leadership and conscious collaboration.

Identity & Values

We ensure that identity and values become the basis for lasting success.


What we believe in.


How we work.

Groundbreakingly honest.

The things we prefer to close our eyes to in business are often the very things that deserve the most attention. Our job is to empower you to look at everything: the beautiful and the ugly stuff.

Fostering co-creation.

We believe in the creative power of the collective. Because transformation requires true collaboration. For employees to become co-creators, they need to be involved, fully and effectively.

With trust and courage.

It is important that you trust us during your change process. But it is even more important that you trust yourself. We dare to think and work differently. We are authentic and courageous in our approach. And we encourage you to do the same.

Mindful conscious.

As we progress through your change process together, we support you by doing it the mindful way. Our strategies are built on mutual respect and appreciation. This is how we create experiences with a lasting effect: through open and honest discussions and by proposing radically new ideas.


Who we have worked with before.


Meet the beautiful ugly truth.

We are a management consultancy, a think tank. A well mixed team of creative young people and executives with a lot of experience in transformation and change processes. Start-ups, SMEs and corporate experts. We come without attitudes and airs, but with a lot of empathy, a conscious heart and a lot of respect for others.


Tobias Mayer

Founder & Managing Director

In life, there are always paths that you have no idea about. Professionally and privately. You just have to dare to follow them. One of these paths has led me here, to the beautiful ugly truth. After stops in a PR agency, as a journalist and radio presenter, and after ten years at Daimler. Most recently as Head of Leadership 2020. Today I am more grateful than ever. For my wife, my son, my friends, for my life. And for the fact that I can use my energy and experience to help people and companies break new ground.



Dr. Monika Hubbard

Director Change & Transformation Communications

Every day has the potential to surprise. We live and grow with change. What remains are the stories behind the moments that really touch us – and the people we encounter while experiencing them. I have accompanied many of them with communication strategies, formats, content, and teaching – corporations, academia, consulting firms and NGOs. Today, at the beautiful ugly truth, I support companies in communicating change and leading employees courageously, holistically and mindfully. What makes me happy are the people close to my heart, especially my two children. In the chaos of everyday life, they never fail to remind me of what really matters.


Florian Caspers

Director Strategic Planning & New Business

The pursuit of happiness is at the center of my life. For me, happiness is an attitude and the result of many conscious decisions, small and big. That’s exactly why, after five years in a large corporation, I decided to become part of the beautiful ugly truth. Here, I can live up my passion every day: giving structure to bring out the best in people and organizations. And what can possibly bring more joy than combining passion and profession? Not much for me, except finding time for friends, tennis and painting.



Kristina Kremer

Consultant Transformation & Change

We are living in the midst of a time of upheaval. This upheaval naturally brings some challenges, but at the same time also great opportunities with it. Shaping these opportunities, being courageous, doing things differently and not just seeing change on paper, but really experiencing it, is what drives me every day. At the beautiful ugly truth, I support companies as an agile project manager in designing and planning their transformation process realistically and sustainably. I am the happiest when I find some time for myself after a successful day at work. Be it in the form of reading, sports, or a walk in nature.



Marvin Laux

Consultant Transformation & Change

It is my passion which drives me forward. Be it as a pole vaulter in my younger life or now as a transformation manager. In the past, I often had to discover my passion first and then find the courage to follow it. My time in the corporate world where I focused on strategy and change as well as my qualification as a Systemic Coach have brought me to where I am today. I have the deep desire to encourage people, drive organization forward and make our society more human. That’s why I am at the beautiful ugly truth. Here I am myself – just as my wife, family and friends know and appreciate me.



Verena Knödler

Consultant Transformation & Change

An important turning point for me was the trivial realization to be the creator of my own life. This realization caused me to question myself in many ways, to make conscious decisions, to leave certain paths and to take new paths – a continuous process with the goal of living a happy and fulfilling life. It also made more aware of the fact that, to a certain extent, each one of us contributes to the development of the future of our society. At the beautiful ugly truth, I can make my contribution by helping to change organizational environments and therefore the realities faced by the people involved for the better. This is the motivation that drives me every day!   


Christian Haug

Junior Consultant Transformation & Change

Bringing work in line with a healthy lifestyle is the desire of many people – including myself. Change can always be used to improve the status quo. This realization has opened up wonderful new possibilities for me. I would like to support people and companies to find and walk this path. At the beautiful ugly truth we live the values of mindfulness and openness and try to pass this attitude on to our clients and accompany them in their change. In addition to meaningful work, I find my happiness and strength primarily with my family, in nature, meditation and sports.



Eda Mildan

Brand & Marketing Assistant

Being excited helps us to develop and grow beyond ourselves. It is through excitement that we get inspired and reach new goals that come from our heart. The first step starts with being open to new experiences and having the courage to simply trust. I am grateful for the opportunity to live my fascination for marketing and communication at the beautiful ugly truth. This way I can not only grow on a personal level, but also develop professionally.



John Smythe

Junior Consultant Transformation & Change

I believe that purpose gives meaning to life. It is the “Why” that makes us get out of bed and pursue what we choose to do with our lives. With over six years of experience in the NGO sector and expertise in motivation and engagement, I am passionate about supporting organizations to identify, refresh or simply clarify their purpose. Aligning business activities, processes, and systems with this purpose will in turn enable sustainable growth and make work more meaningful for everyone. Personally, I am an aspiring wildlife photographer and find great freedom in being immersed in my second home, the African wilderness.



Keen to transform?

Let’s take the first step.

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